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Nogi Industries Blogging on FightTrends

So you know all of those “big things” we kept promising for FightTrends? Well, here is one of them! Nogi Industries will now be blogging on FightTrends! Thats right kids, now you too can get an inside look at Nogi, sneak peeks at upcoming products and other cool insider info as well. You can check out the Nogi Industries interview I did with Dave back a few months ago.

Keep your eyes open for Nogis first post in about 37 seconds.

6 thoughts on “Nogi Industries Blogging on FightTrends

  1. Was there any word on which new color ideas that Nogi would be coming out with for the Kingpins?

  2. Yes! We should have samples in next week!

  3. so how bout an insider price for sherdog and fight trends members…. esp those who’ve been buyin nogi since back before the OEs/Echos?

  4. Ben has a great point, any chance Dave?

  5. Yeah, I think I might be able to work something out 🙂

  6. oh dave you just made my day.

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