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Ecko Flying Rhino and Smokin Skulls Fight Shorts

Here are Eckos latest MMA fight shorts, the Ecko Flying Rhino and Smoking Skulls Fight Shorts. Both shorts are 100% polyester and come with an inner tie and velcro closure system to ensure a tight fit. Both come in the standard Ecko fight shorts style with different graphics.

PURCHASE: Ecko Flying Rhino Fight Shorts

PURCHASE: Ecko Smokin Skulls Fight Shorts

3 thoughts on “Ecko Flying Rhino and Smokin Skulls Fight Shorts

  1. those look really long

  2. Yeah they are fairly long, though the green looks neat. The graphic on the white pair happens to be interesting, a different take on the overdone skull look…I like it.

  3. probably best if you have a nate diaz body type where ur really tall and have skinny legs

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