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Silver Star SLVR T-Shirt

Hands down this has to be my favorite Silver Star t-shirt so far. Nice and simple but the yellow really pops against the black background. Silver Star generally has much more busy designs on their tees, like in the Rashad Evans Silver Star UFC 108 Walkout T-Shirt as well as the Thiago Silva Silver Star UFC 108 Walkout T-Shirt, but this SLVR design is super nice and clean.

PURCHASE: Silver Star SLVR T-Shirt

3 thoughts on “Silver Star SLVR T-Shirt

  1. Yes, this is also my favorite. All the other are sooo busy, this one is nice and clean.

  2. a lil plain for silverstar!! omgzz

  3. Finally a shirt design that doesn’t look like someone puked all over it.

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