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Venum Thiago Silva UFC 108 Fight Shorts

Venum has just released the first pictures of the new Venum fight Shorts which Thiago Silva will wear at UFC 108 as he takes on Rashad Evans. These are thew new Amazonia 2.0 and will be available come February in green, black and brown.

7 thoughts on “Venum Thiago Silva UFC 108 Fight Shorts

  1. […] has released a pair of Havaianas sandals which match the new Amazonia 2.0 fight shorts, the Venum Amazonia Viper Sandals. Havaianas are known for being super comfortable but also lasting […]

  2. haha awesome can’t believe he will wear these

  3. You should post up the black pair, they are better imo…

  4. […] recently unveiled their Venum Amazonia 2.0 Fight Shorts as Thiago Silva wore them against Rashad Evans at UFC 108. Now they have released photos of the […]

  5. Hey,

    just wondering where i can buy Venum Thiago Silva UFC 108 Fight Shorts.

  6. Nick – You can get the Venum Amazonia 2.0 fight shorts Silva wore at UFC 108 at MMA Warehouse:

  7. Thanks for that heaps, been looking for ages

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