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Venum Brazilian Flag Fight Shorts

Venum probably has the largest selection of fight shorts out of the major companies. They keep pumpin out killers designs one after the other and here is their latest design, the Venum Brazilian Flag Fight Shorts. As you know, I am a sucker for Brazilian inspired designs and have already fallen in love with these shorts. They are made of a polyester microfiber and feature reinforced split seems as well as a 4 way stretch panel in the crotch

PURCHASE: Venum Brazilian Flag Fight Shorts

7 thoughts on “Venum Brazilian Flag Fight Shorts

  1. Their shorts are pretty awesome in general though when it involves Brazil in anyway they up the anti quite a bit. The placement of the drawstring is a little weird, compared to other shorts, but I think they are nice shorts overall.

  2. pretty sick actually

  3. Yeah, I love anything Brazil. Venum comes out with so many designs it is crazy.

  4. Nice!!!! These look better than Tapouts version

    The graphics and colours look better.

    Those are some badass shorts!

  5. I like the Venum logo also. I liked the TapouT ones but am not a huge fan of TapouTs shorts for the most part. These Venum ones do look better IMO.

  6. yeah the venum logo helps quite a bit. It’s generally my favorite element to the brand.

  7. […] microfiber with reinforced split seems, a four-way stretch panel and a velcro enclosure. The Venum Brazilian flag fight shorts are also available in […]

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