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Silver Star Lyoto Machida Hoodie

If you are lookin for a hoodie this winter then I got just the thing for you, the Silver Star Lyoto Machcida Hoodie in white. This is a pretty slick hoodie made of 300 gram premium cotton and it’s rockin the all over print along with the gold foil “Silverstar” print across the front. It also has the dragon graphic on the back along with the “Lyoto Machida The Dragon” print.

PURCHASE: Silver Star Lyoto Machida Hoodie

4 thoughts on “Silver Star Lyoto Machida Hoodie

  1. This hoodie is an abortion


  2. abortion lol? I have never heard that word used like that.

  3. It’s like sometimes Silver Star don’t know how much they suck

  4. The shirt is so ugly, the original looks like someone just smeared vomit all over the shirt.

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