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Manto Shortsleeve Emblem Rash Guard

Manto has been on a tear lately releasing rash guard after rash guard and here is their latest, the Manto Shortsleeve Emblem Rash Guard. This rash guard is just like Mantos other in termso f quality with a sublimated image so there will be no peeling or cracking. It comes in black/white, black/purple or black/blue. The fabric is more resistant to snagging on velcro so you don’t have to worry about your new Manto Rising Sun Fight Shorts ripping it up. If you are into the Manto rash guards then be sure to check out the Manto Rio Camo Longsleeve Rash Guard as well as the Manto King Longsleeve Rash Guard.

PURCHASE: Manto Shortsleeve Emblem Rash Guard

3 thoughts on “Manto Shortsleeve Emblem Rash Guard

  1. This one is a winner. Slick colors, classy, understated logo, no kindergarten-esque scribble like their last one.

  2. Yet another solid item from Manto. Definitely rising stock in my book.

  3. Holly shit!! I want !!

    I was gonna buy a NOGI rash guard but now I’m gonna get one of these

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