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Hayabusa Muay Thai Shin Guards

Hayabusa has added a pro style pair of Muay Thai shin guards to their line of MMA gear. Hayabusa original shin guards are great for grappling and mma practice while these new pro style shin guards are perfect for hard Muay Thai sparring. Hayabusa has released several other products lately such as their Mizuchi Fight Shorts, Mizuchi Rash Guard and their Competition Fight Shorts.

11 thoughts on “Hayabusa Muay Thai Shin Guards

  1. Hey do you have any idea when these will be available?

  2. It should be soon Cody. No exact date but within the next few weeks I believe.

  3. Alright cool, you wouldnt happen to know if Fighting Sports would be comming out with some Tri-Tech shin guards soon would you? Because I’m between these and the Fighting Sports ones, granted they come out with some.

  4. Hayabasa always makes quality product that looks cool.

  5. I am a huge hayabusa fan, so I will probably pick a pair of these up once I get some money flowing back into the bank lol. They look awesome.

  6. mmmm interesting design!

    look great

  7. Hey Cody, I havent followed Fighting Sports too closely yet. I love their designs, very similar to Winning but half the price. I guess maybe I should check into that.

  8. These shin guards are kinda funny shaped compared to the traditional thai shin guards. The instep guard looks very big. Does it cover the whole foot or something?

    I’d like to see more reviews of this, to find out what it’s like.

    I’ve just splashed out on top king empower creativity graffiti shin guards, which are very comfy, well padded, and sit nice and fim in my shins, So I probably won’t be splashing out on new shinguards any time soon.

  9. Hello Guys,

    The shin pads do look interesting but any idea when these babies will be out in the market. Cuz so far they are not even listed on the hayabusa website nor they are available yet in the mmawarehouse or any other online website . But it seems like its available on e bay uk. not too sure if the website is genuine to make an online transaction ..
    any updates is highly appreciated !


  10. They are available on Hayabusa and on eBay as well.

  11. I would think they will be available at MMAWarehouse and BudoVideos soon as well.

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