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Triumph United T-Shirts

Triumph*United has released four more t-shirts in their most recent line. The four new tees are the Mask, Temple, Thai Blue 3 and the Destroyer Green. Be sure to check out the other new Triumph Untied T-Shirts they released just a couple of weeks ago.

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6 thoughts on “Triumph United T-Shirts

  1. These are pretty sick, man thx for the post Cody, 1st, 2nd and 3rd are just sick plain and simple good stuff

  2. Really creative stuff coming from TU recently. Looks great

  3. I do like that one in Blue!

    Triumph do the best mma tees with badboy, rvca, inspirit imo

  4. lol keep looking at these tees and i want the first and last ones

  5. I like all of these tees. Very nice work by T*U.

  6. I just recieved the last one and it is hella sick, excellent stuff coming from Triumph (still don’t like their Manchester United copies tho)

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