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The Manto Giveaway Winners Are…

Rob Strongo, CrazyJHL, Justin B, CodyD and Carl Talaue! Thanks to everyone who entered the Manto giveaway and be sure to keep checking back for new contests! Go ahead and enter the Carnal DaMMAge Giveaway while you are at it.

5 thoughts on “The Manto Giveaway Winners Are…

  1. Boooo! Just kidding, grats to everyone who won!

  2. Thanks for hosting this. I will be back often for updates.

  3. Wow! I won! That’s awesome. I’m excited, that camo on the rash guard is so awesome lol. Thank you to and Manto! It’s going to be useful when I train.

    I check the site almost everyday, seeing if anything new has been added. Everyone should do the same, these giveaways are awesome.

  4. Just curious if anyone who one got theirs yet.

  5. Rob, it should be there shortly. I’ll double check with Manto just to be sure but I believe they got sent out sometime last week. Things take longer in the mail due to the holidays as well.

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