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Reversal RVDDW Waterproof Mountain Jacket

Those crazy people over at Reversal are always busting out something new and, well, crazy. This time it is a waterproof mountain jacket. I am not quite sure what a mountain jacket is, but I guess this is it. If you are planning on climbing Mount Fuji anytime soon, then you need this jacket. It is 100% waterproof and features two reflective stripes to help keep you safe and visible. It comes in black/camo, blue/orange or black/orange.

PURCHASE: Reversal RVDDW Waterproof Mountain Jacket

3 thoughts on “Reversal RVDDW Waterproof Mountain Jacket

  1. Reversal is such a strange brand. Great design and what appears to be high quality but they are virtually unknown outside of Japan. Most of their product doesn’t seem fight related either and their prices are astronomical. Still a cool looking jacket though LOL.

  2. nice jacket shame they will cost $500 + bucks

  3. The jacket is right around $300. Reveral makes awesome stuff but I can’t afford it lol. Wish they could get some of it stateside a lot cheaper.

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