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Carnal DaMMAge and FightTrends Giveaway!

Another day, another giveaway here at FightTrends. Big ups to Carnal DaMMAge for stepping up and throwing some money around. They are giving away one $25 gift card to FIVE winners. Carnal DaMMAge is making huge strides and get many UFC walkout shirts available for pre-order even before the big sites. They are also located in Nevada so shipping to the west coast is super fast. Be sure to check them out.

You can gain up to 3 entries by:

1. Leaving a comment on this post.
2. Becoming a fan of the Carnal DaMMAge Facebook page (suggesting to your friends that they become a fan of the Carnal DaMMAge Facebook page is an added bonus!).
3. Following Carnal DaMMAge on Twitter and ReTweeting “RT @FightTrends ReTweet This and Follow @carnaldaMMAge For a Chance to Win One of FIVE $25 Gift Certificates! #MMA

Winners will be announced Sunday the 20th. Be sure to use your real email address when leaving a comment so I can email the winners!

Be sure to go check out Carnal DaMMAge, they have an awesome looking store.

Don’t forget to add FightTrends to Twitter and Facebook while you are at it!

54 thoughts on “Carnal DaMMAge and FightTrends Giveaway!

  1. Gift card, sweet!

  2. Sweet! You guys are putting on some nice giveaways (+FBook +Twitter)

  3. Awesome! Thanks to FightTrends for all the great giveaways! (Also on Facebook and Twitter).

  4. Yes! Will be following and retweeting.

  5. ordered from CarnalDaMMAge before. Great stuff!

  6. Good to see at least someone is giving something to the people. Awesome.

  7. Sounds amazing! I hope I win.

  8. Sounds cool. Add me to the growing list of fans wanting this giveaway.

  9. Sorry all, winners will be announced Sunday the 20th, not the 13th. Was a typo on my part.

  10. I wanna win!

  11. Sweet giveaway

  12. it cool you do all these give aways.

  13. Thanks for all the great giveaways Fight Trends!

  14. i”m in

  15. oh, to win something…..maybe one of these days…..

  16. Count me in. Thank you.

  17. Awesome. Hope to win.

  18. This would be a great Xmas gift for my dad!

  19. Wow, very generous giveaway.

  20. this store has saved my life on several occasions

  21. Sick logo, love the shark! 🙂

  22. I want some badass gear!

  23. Thanks for the giveaway! Commenting and now a fan of facebook page!

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  25. Free stuff! WooHoo! I want a free shark with gloves that punches people in the face!

  26. Down, its the season to give and recieve… : D

  27. Just saw the webite for carnal dammage. They have great items. Thanks for doing this contest and I hope I win.

  28. count me in

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  30. I have no luck.

  31. Carnal Dammage! I love those guys, good luck to all who enter this contest.

  32. Love the store, and I love gift cards. Good luck all!

  33. Would love to get a chance to try some more gear!

  34. nice gear

  35. Thanks for hosting another giveaway, you guys are awesome.

  36. I could always use more fightgear, good to see these kinds of contests up and running !

  37. Thanks, Carnal DaMMAge and FightTrends!

  38. Nice giveaway! I sure hope I win.

  39. What are my odds of winning this?! Pick me! 😀

  40. let stu3ufc win

    he got banned from sherdog and is a little down about it 🙁

    Sad Panda

  41. I’m down!

  42. I want to win!

  43. Dude this is awesome!

  44. gimmie gimmie

  45. hook it up!

  46. would love to win

  47. Subscribed here and to their twitter and facebook page. Sherdogger UGer, big mma fan would love to win this.

  48. Pick me plz!

  49. This would be a nice x-mas gift. 🙂

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