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Manto Fight Giveaway – 5 Rashguards 5 Shirts 5 Winners!

Thats right fight fashionistas (was that a lame phrase?), another FightTrends giveaway! Manto is giving away a Manto Rio Camo Rashguard and Manto Logo T-Shirt to five lucky winners. Manto has some of the best rashguards in the biz with fully sublimated designs so it will never peel off. Their tees are by far my favorite in the fight industry because they are heavy duty and of super high quality. You don’t have to worry about these losing their shape or stretching out after a couple of washes.

You can gain up to 3 entries by:

1. Leaving a comment on this post.
2. Becoming a fan of the Manto Facebook page (suggesting to your friends that they become a fan of the Manto Facebook page is an added bonus!).
3. Following Manto on Twitter and ReTweeting β€œRT @FightTrends ReTweet This and Follow @MantoFight For a Chance to Win One of FIVE Manto Prize Packages! #MMA”

Winners will be announced Monday the 14th.

Don’t forget to add FightTrends to Twitter and Facebook while you are at it!

PURCHASE: Manto Rio Camo Longsleeve Rashguard

140 thoughts on “Manto Fight Giveaway – 5 Rashguards 5 Shirts 5 Winners!

  1. Retweeted and I’m a fan on fb.
    Hope I win! I’m a sherdog g and e’er

  2. Sick gear, love the logo.

  3. yeah manto πŸ™‚ would reluctantly give that camo rashie a try if I won it haha

  4. I Love manto’s stuff. hook another cody up please πŸ™‚ alsoG&Eer on Sherdog Fwogz1

  5. Sweet. I never had a rashguard. Would be nice to win one.

  6. Nice!! Sign me up.

  7. I won in the Nogi giveaway so I doubt I’ll win in this but I’ll still comment. That gear looks great, I hope whoever wins posts a review, Manto is a company that has been catching my interests for months with their creative styles.

  8. Really looks great! Please throw me Manto!

  9. That’s a sweet looking Rashguard.

  10. I love Manto!!

  11. My husband would love this for his jiu jitsu training.

  12. Thanks, Manto is awesome


  14. Love the new rashguard and those shirts are pretty cool.

  15. Wow, I really love this rashguard, and need some new gear but am low on funds, so this would be great if I won. Great job as usual by Manto, I really am digging your gear.

  16. Sick logo, love the gear.

  17. Those rashgaurds are sick!

  18. loving the gear!

  19. i like the logo as well its simpel and effective

  20. Whoa! I definitely want the rash guards. They are sick.

  21. Big Manto fan here!!!

  22. Love the T-shirt line! Fedor hoodie is awesome!

    I’ve also joined Facebook and completed the Re-Tweet!

    PICK ME!

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  24. epic! I would love to won one of these fight trends

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  26. That rashguard is going looking awesome in the gym

  27. tiger.shark on sherdog…. please please please please please I LOOOOOOOVE Manto’s rashguards! The Best ever!!!!

  28. Hope I win

  29. I would like to enter this cometition.

  30. yo love that manto rio camo…. its dank

  31. Looks sick.

  32. Saw the thread on Sherdog. Sweet giveaway! I’m a fan!

  33. I want one!

  34. Great giveaway, guys. Hopefully I’ll be able to rep you guys around renzos. Wish me luck!

  35. Big manto fan here~

  36. awesome looking gear, I hope I win.

  37. Awesome giveaway please enter me!

  38. I’m a fan on facebook (Stephanie Petty-Grant)

  39. I follow on twitter @sgrant2005 and tweet:

  40. Sherdog! Sweet giveaway, big manto fan.

  41. I want one

  42. I’m a HUGE fan of Manto! The quality of their stuff is amazing. I tell all my friends about Manto and ever since they continue to stick with their rashguards. I just have a ton of Manto shirts but no rashguard, it sure would be awesome to win one! I’ve tried on my friends and it was flawless.

  43. Well that is one sexy rashguard…of course I am a G&E’r ftw πŸ™‚

  44. will add on facebook

  45. i want one

  46. I would love to win!

  47. Verrryyyy Snazzzy!

  48. Never had a Manto, but would love to try one out!

  49. I’m so in!

  50. very nice looking gear!!

  51. Retweeted, just started doing No gi so these would be amazing, I currently use cheap $10 rashguards from Wal-mart.

  52. I would love to try one of these out for Sherdog!

  53. I would love to win! I actually really need the gear!!

  54. I’ve heard great things about Manto Rashguard on the sherdog forums. *Crosses fingers.*

  55. Cool shirt

  56. Mantos are my favorite rashguards

  57. I know one Blue belt who deserves this prize πŸ™‚

  58. Definitely slick!

  59. Outstanding.

  60. Count me in.

  61. Manto does make great rashguards

  62. crrrrazzzy designs. would love to work in manto’s creative/design dept.

  63. Rashguard looks sick! Love the blue and white tee!

  64. The rashguard looks very nice !

  65. Sign me up! These rashguards look sick.

  66. I want a t-shirt. I think it would look excellent on me and I would rock it all over the city (at the gym, at the movies, whereever) on the regular!

  67. Can’t wait for Manto to start making some Imanari and Aoki gear! ! !

  68. Yes please!

    My favorite rashguard is a Manto!

  69. Manto has the best rashguards in the market.

  70. Manto is awesome. My favorite gear is all Manto.

  71. Rashguard is awesome. Manto by far is the best gear on the market.

  72. Really cool rashguard by Manto. Please sign me up.

  73. These look great. Hope I win.

  74. Very cool. Some cool gear to add more samba to my roll!

  75. Even if i don’t win going to pick one up

  76. Sign me up, Manto is top quality.

  77. Manto has the best gear around!

  78. I’m digging it.

  79. I could really use this. Just starting and spent all my money already!

  80. awesome! MANTO is ALL QUALITY.

  81. Just starting out and have run out of cash. Fingers crossed.

  82. nice!!!!!!

  83. I could use a new one since the onld I’m using is a bit worn…

  84. Nice. If I don’t win I’ll probably end up buying one anyway.

  85. Everyone’s getting Manto this Xmas! I need a new rashguard myself :/

  86. Manto is great and they sponsor the best fighters, plus i won a prize package πŸ˜‰

  87. Please pick me MANTO!!! I’ve been a fan since the beginning. -=)

  88. Yeah, that camo rash rocks!!!!

  89. G I R L S L O V E M A N T O !!! ohhh yeahhhhhh πŸ˜€

    greetings from Germany

  90. Love Manto gear!!! Proud owner of 2 manto shirts n a pair of shorts lol!

  91. Awwyeah. MANTO for the win. Been a fan since I got my first grappling shorts from you guys πŸ™‚ !

  92. Count me in!

  93. I like the new designs coming out from Manto…good stuff.

  94. Awesome *crossing my fingers that i win so this can be the best xmas ever*
    following u on twitter and retweeted :
    and my facebook site is Fredrik Skauen, invited all my friends to be a fan of manto.

    thx, have a nice day everyone.

  95. sharp looking rashguard.

  96. Really good one rashguard!
    Power isn’t everything.

  97. Good for the Sportβ„’.


  98. Cool, prob the best giveaway yet!

  99. Cool new designs!

  100. Love the rashguard!!

  101. Viva Manto!….luchadores!!

  102. beautiful rash guards! Manto has done it again.nice colors, yet not too overboard.

  103. Manto is know for the design of their rashguards…but wow, this one is really badass

  104. Best design I’ve seen. Beats my Manto tee.

  105. Became a fan and retweeted, so now I’m adding in my comment. I’m also a G&E’er as well. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the contest FightTrends & Manto!

  106. Alberto the new rash guard is sick!

  107. Such nice rashguards I hope I win one:) really cool design

  108. Awesome contest. Love the rash guard.

  109. Fight Trends comes through again!!

    Great idea Cody.

  110. Very nice. I would like to own one.

  111. Once again Manto makes a nice product.

  112. I really like your gis!

  113. My submissions are 99% more effective while wearing Manto gear!

  114. Count me in on liking the rashguards. They’re tight.

  115. I’m dying for a longsleeve rashguard, I need one ever since I got some ringworm…

  116. Dang that’s a lot of comments.

    I hope I win.

    I just bought 1001 Submissions, now I need something to train in.

  117. Best grappling gear on the planet. Hands down.

  118. The rashguard is sick. I’d love to test it out!

  119. Manto always has great stuff.

  120. The more I look at the camo, the more I like…I believe I already entered the give away, but I just wanted to talk about how much the design has grown on me lol.

  121. I really like the new chalk one

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  123. Never tried anything but under armour, do grappling specific rashguards feel better?

  124. That is some sweet gear. Thanks to Manto and FightTrends!

  125. Manto gear is kool!

  126. Those are soooooo hot. I need a new rashguard!

  127. Best rash guards out there!

  128. Amazing looking rash guards! I’d looooove to have one!

  129. Really like Manto. Already have their Vale Tudo shorts. Awesome contest.

  130. Manto is the SHIZZDIGGLE !!!

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