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Jaco Resurgence II Hoodie Gray and Black

Jaco has just released some real pictures of their new Resurgence II Hoodie so I thought I’d share with you all. It comes in gray, black or navy blue and is of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Keep on the lookout for many other new products from Jaco which are on their way.

PURCHASE: Jaco Resurgence II Hoodie Gray

PURCHASE: Jaco Resurgence II Hoodie Black

5 thoughts on “Jaco Resurgence II Hoodie Gray and Black

  1. These are pretty sick. I hope they put their different country lines on a hoodie sometime, I’d definitely pick up a Filipino one!

  2. Country hoodies would for sure be awesome. Jaco has been releasing tons of products so I wouldnt be surprised to see that one next on their list.

  3. I dunno.. looks like an off the shelf hoodie with silkscreening. That’s why I like the Sprawl ones, they look custom designed just for Sprawl with unique features.

  4. […] Jaco has released the Tenacity T-Shirt in several new colors to add a little flavor to their line. Here is the Tenacity tee in military green and chololate. It also comes in several other colors over at Jaco. These tees go great with the new Jaco Resurgence II Hoodie. […]

  5. not to sure on the design on the back but the hoody looks good

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