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Bad Boy World Class II Pro Fight Shorts

Need a new pair of fight shorts? Well look no further, here are new Bad Boy World Class Pro II Fight Shorts. Bad Boys new fight shorts come in black, red or white and are crafted of a 4-way stretch fabric for maximum movement. They also have 5.5″ split seems and the fabric is both water repellant and anti-micobial. I assume Diego Sanchez will be rocking these at UFC 107 as he takes on BJ Penn but don’t take my word for it.

PURCHASE: Bad Boy World Class II Pro Fight Shorts

3 thoughts on “Bad Boy World Class II Pro Fight Shorts

  1. nice! i prefer the older ones with the trim down the side

  2. Yawn.. what a boring design. With all the other cool shorts out there, why would you wanna buy this boring block design. There was no thought into these at all. No interesting paneling or trim at all. Just a block design with printed logos for 62 bucks!

  3. I agree that these look a bit outdated. I think with Nogi and Sprawl doing so much innovation with their shorts that these ones are a year or two behind the times. Especially for hte price.

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