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BJ Penn RVCA UFC 107 T-Shirt

RVCA has created a new BJ Penn UFC 107 T-Shirt for BJs upcoming bout against Diego Sanchez. However, BJ may not be allowed to wear his new RVCA t-shirt due to the possible ban of RVCA by the UFC. I assume BJ will wear Cage Fighter out into the octagon but I have not confirmed this yet. Hopefully RVCA and the UFC can come to an agreement so we can continue to see their walkout tees as they are some of the best in the fight game.

PURCHASE: BJ Penn RVCA UFC 107 Frost T-Shirt

7 thoughts on “BJ Penn RVCA UFC 107 T-Shirt

  1. Diggin it. The whole UFC death grip on sponsors is gettin crazy! Dudes can rock Enzyte and Condom Depot on their shorts, but not Hayabusa, Clinch Gear, or RVCA?

  2. I really enjoy RVCA’s walkout tees compared to others on the market. I love how they customize designs to the fighter.

    Don’t get me wrong, Tapout and others make different designs for fighters but all the artwork seems very similiar.

    RVCA is really bringing a resfrehing touch to MMA Apparel.

  3. On the UFC 107 Countdown, there was RVCA stuff all of the place, remember when ZUFFA “banned” Affliction they blurred out anything that said Affliction, I’ve always doubted that ZUFFA would ban one of Penn’s largest sponsors who actually sponsors other fighters in the UFC/WEC including Vitor Belfort…..

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