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Vote For The FightTrends 2009 Fight Apparel Awards

Welcome to the first annual FightTrends Fight Apparel Awards! Be sure to vote for your favorites brands and help them win. With so many brands out there these days we were only able to pick so many to include in our polls. However, there is a “Other” selection where you can type in a brand if we happened to not have it on the list. Please forgive any glaring admissions, the fight industry is growing like mad and we did our best to add every company we could. Voting will end on January 6th at Midnight and be announced January 7th.

Well, with that disclaimer out of the way, LET THE VOTING BEGIN!

23 thoughts on “Vote For The FightTrends 2009 Fight Apparel Awards

  1. Well I did the vote thing, nice stuff Cody…

  2. Great idea! Hopefully we get to appear on there in the future when our official site is up and running early 2010!

  3. MMA Shirts, keep me updated on your site. I passed along the $1,000 contest to a designer friend of mine. Hope you guys get some great submissions!

    fr702, thanks for the votes. I hope I can get a whole bunch more.

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  5. Yeah, I voted on a few categories, but left the ones about Gis and fight shorts alone, I have no experience with any of those items so, it’s best I not render an opinion.

  6. Dropped my votes! Interested to see the results…

  7. Voted. Great idea. Can’t wait to see the results.

  8. […] 2009 has been a banner year us here at Silver Star, and just when it seems like we’ve either won, or have been nominated for every award out there, another opportunity arrives. This time we’re asking you to help us win another contest, as Fight Trends is holding their first annual Fight Apparel Awards for 2009. Voting continues now through January 6, 2010 with the winners being announced on January 7. Click link below to vote for yours truly… […]

  9. Sweet

  10. I’m glad everyone is enjoying the voting so much! This has turned out to be better than I imagined. Companies and fans alike really seem to be taking to the voting. Thanks to everyone for making this work out so well!

  11. Polls are awesome!.

    I gotta say, although I voted differently, The Jake Shields TapouT signature is pretty badass.

  12. Great idea. I had to add Forty Thieves into the mix for best shorts. It was great to see Inspirit mentioned too.

    Keep up the great work!

  13. I cast my vote!

  14. I came I saw I voted. Big ups to Fight Trends.

  15. How do you not list OTM Shorts or Built to fight shorts?

    They were the creator of the grip shorts and belt short.

    They manufacture Punishment, Triumph, Future Fighter board shorts, and they designed and manufactured the warrior domination shorts.

    OTM was the first company to use applique’s, triple bar tacking, binding with triangle triple bartacking on the split sides and custom jacquard round drawstring that doesnt twist and get caught up.

    OTM is also the only company in the industry that has a lifetime warranty on their fabric and a one year warranty on stitching.

    With OTM as the longest standing company (12 years old) its hard to believe OTM or Lucky Gi’s arent even listed

  16. Joe, do you work for OTM? You know an ungodly ammount about them.

    I agree that not listing Lucky was an oversight on my part. Howver, not listing OTM fight shorts was not an oversight. They don’t belong on the list. Who they manufacture has nothing to do with the poll. They may have designed teh Warrior Domination shorts, but Warrior is still the brand.

    OTM may have been an innovator in fight shorts, but they are not one of the top brands.

    Also, I have featured Lucky gis on FightTrends several times and have also contacted OTM several times with no response. I nominated them for Best Retailer category and they also never responded when I notified them of that.

    With so many brands and companies sometimes someone gets left off the list. If a company does not respond to my emails or let me know when they have new products sometimes they fall through the cracks. OTM does have some great products but I can not remember everyone and everything without help from the companies.

  17. Cody, what about Ranger Up or Forged? How about some military love?

    Ranger Up’s Saint Michael Hoodie and SPQR shirt might be the sickest styles I’ve seen.

  18. Cody,

    Great polls and website. Hope we do well!

  19. Infantryman, sorry I left Ranger Up out. I have not followed thier brand too closely as of yet. They are still very new to the game and just didn’t stick out in my mind as a top brand yet. I did check out their SPQR shirt and you are right, it is a pretty nice tee. I may have to get it up on FigthTrends sometime this week.

    Paul, nice to see you lurking around here. Let all of your customers know about the voting and I am sure you will do fine.

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  21. […] for’s 2009 Fight Apparel Awards is now open and runs through January 6. Stop by to vote for your favorite company […]

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