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And The Nogi Giveaway Winners Are…

stu three ufc, Tyler, Chris Clifton, EvanG and Heather Baressi! You should all be getting an email from me today. Thanks to EVERYONE who entered the Nogi contest and keep your eyes peeled for more FightTrends giveaways in the near future.

Be sure and head over to if you did not win because everything is 20% off through the weekend!

6 thoughts on “And The Nogi Giveaway Winners Are…

  1. Yes!!!! I won

    I’m so happy fight trends is the best

  2. Grats everybody, I’m gonna wait a few weeks for my wallet to recover from the Hayabusa gear I bought, then it’s time to get the Nogi gear 🙂

  3. Keep your eyes peeled CrazyJHL, we will be having more giveaways going on around here. It is going to be a regular thing.

  4. Sick!! I never win anything!

  5. Hey I didn’t know I won this until now.. I don’t think I ever got that email.. any chance on me still getting something for this so late?

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