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TapouT 90 Seat Theater

TapouT recently built a 90 seat theater at their headquarters. Apparently a couple lucky fans will even get to attend a viewing party if they are lucky. Here are some more details:

TapouT HQ has a new 90 seat theater, and we’ll be giving some prize packages away, including you and 3 of your friends attending a viewing party, for an upcoming UFC event, in the new theater. Details to come.

By the way, the winners will also be hanging out with the Fight Professor, Stephen Quadros, as well as the TapouT Radio and TapouT crew, and some pro fighters, for the viewing party. They will be treated to some sweet TapouT gear, and party refreshments.

All I know is if one of you FightTrends readers win, I better be your +1! I’ll even wear a dress as long as it brings out my eyes.

Source Crooklyn and TapouT Radio

4 thoughts on “TapouT 90 Seat Theater

  1. How is hanging out with Stephen Quadros a prize, that would deter me from entering after watching his abysmal work at the most recent Strikeforce Challengers.

  2. Hah, Quad doesnt bother me that much. I love those TapouT theater seats though. They look much nicer than the ones at the local theater here.

  3. id hang with quadros

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