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Nogi and FightTrends Giveaway! 5 Shorts, 5 Shirts, 5 Beanies and FIVE WINNERS!

Nogi loves FightTrends readers so much they will be giving away one pair of Nogi Volt Fight Shorts, one Nogi Fade T-Shirt and one Nogi Classic Reversible Beanie to FIVE FightTrends readers. Thats right, each winner gets a pair of short, a shirt and a beanie! The rules for this giveaway are the same as the last one.

You can gain up to 3 entries by:

1. Leaving a comment on this post.
2. Becoming a fan of the FightTrends Facebook page(suggesting to your friends that they become a fan of FightTrends is an added bonus!).
3. Following us on Twitter and ReTweeting “RT @FightTrends ReTweet This and Follow Us For a Chance to Win One of FIVE Nogi Prize Packages! Add us to Facebook for extra entries #MMA”

Winners will be announced Saturday the 28th.

112 thoughts on “Nogi and FightTrends Giveaway! 5 Shorts, 5 Shirts, 5 Beanies and FIVE WINNERS!

  1. Giveaway entry! I want some shorts baby!

  2. Entry! (been following on Twitter and Fbook pre-contest)

  3. i am a follower on twitter @hppv50

  4. Cool apparel guys!

  5. im a follower on facebook sara mather

  6. Would love to win thanks for the chance!

  7. Would love to win this…

    I follow on twitter & facebook.

    & I tweeted here about the contest:


  8. my husband would love this! actually I would too!

  9. First 62, now nogi!!! Count me in for this one as well!!!

  10. nice and simple gear, great colors, hope to win something.

  11. Oh man, I was planning to order the Nogi Volts when they hit stores but got owned by textbook costs. 🙁

  12. I didn’t win the 62gear shirt so……………..pick me

  13. […] of Volt fight shorts, one Fade T-Shirt, and one reversible beanie. You can enter to win over at Nogi and FightTrends Giveaway! 5 Shorts, 5 Shirts, 5 Beanies and FIVE WINNERS! | – T… Also, be sure and put you are a G&Eer when you enter, might be just what ya need to push you […]

  14. Shatter2002 from the UG.. would really love a pair of those fight shorts!!

  15. Check out my sweet UFC pumpkins entered in the UG contest.. I did Anderson Silva, Gina, Mir and Gonzaga kicking cro cop in the head.. the others are ones my bf did..

  16. Nice stuff, would be awesome to get some new gear. I’m starting MMA in December and its rapidly approaching! Nice site btw! Keep up the good work. I am also a Sherdog G&Eer :).

    Thanks for these opportunities guys!

  17. I also retweeted and became a facebook fan!

  18. I’m breaking and entering.

  19. By the way, I retweeted that tweet. My tweet name is GravityEyelidsz. Thannksznks

  20. I like the beanie, a lot.

  21. OwMyArm from G&E on Sherdog entering here, I’m joining the facebook page too 🙂

  22. Really glad to see this posted on Sherdog! Count me in for an entry!

  23. Really nice swag guys way to get peeps to view this site. Hopefully my gf will take some hints and order some gear for x-mas

    Daddy needs some free gear.

  25. Nice shorts!!! : )

  26. Hey man like the shorts

  27. Cool contest. I’ve follwed and retweeted and I’ve become a fan on FB. I’m a G&Eer!

  28. Sick ass shorts!

  29. Entry!!!

  30. Nogi has some really, really nice stuff. Count me in as well. Thanks.

  31. wish i wasn’t broke paying my monthy fees to my gym so i could buy a pair of your shorts.

  32. awesome gear. me likey.

  33. Entry… Would love to try these out for the Sherdog G&E forums.

  34. Saw this on the G&E thread, that gear looks awesome. Well this is my entry. The beanies and shorts look awesome.

  35. amazing

    id love to win that gear



  36. Saw this on Sherdog’s G&E thread and couldn’t resist… those are some sweet shorts!

  37. Entry for contest. Also became a fan on Facebook, I have already been following on Twitter. Also a Sherdog G&E’er. That is some sweet gear!

  38. Hook a fellow Cody/ G&Eer up! Fwogz1 on sherdog. Adding face book page now. War cody’s, fight trends and nogi.

  39. entry sweet gear

  40. I wanna win stuff

  41. i definitely wanna sport that gear!

    good luck to me…

    thanks a bunch!

  42. I would like the shorts….

  43. I want shorts;

  44. Rocked my way over from Sherdogs G&E to get a piece of this Nogi action.

  45. Love your gear. I will use it all the time when I train Combatives with the ARMY.

  46. I love Nogi and Sherdog!

  47. I ordered the Nogi Volt shorts earlier and I love them! I ordered not only because I read good reviews but I also wanted to support Glover’s Travels.

  48. Volts are my favorite Nogi shorts. I saw this on the G&E thread.

  49. Thanks guys, great gear

  50. Lets see some of those shorts cross the border to your friendly neighbours up north.

    Also who makes those shorts kim couture was wearing at the strikeforce weigh ins, I would love to see my gf in a pair of those.

  51. Cool deal!

  52. oh and i am a UGer

  53. I’m loving those shorts! I’m a G&E reg 😉

  54. Happy with my Nogi Grill shorts and shirts. The Vollts and Fades look very nice. Go Fighttrends, Go Nogi, Go Sherdog.

  55. These NOGI shorts absolutely awesome. I wear board-shorts because that’s what I have, but would love to try rolling in some fight shorts for once.

  56. The Volt fight shorts are awesome!
    -G&E regular 🙂

  57. ‘Nother G&E guy here! Love the site & have it on my RSS reader.

  58. Love the shorts and the t-shirt!

  59. all my boardshorts are black, it’d be nice to score a white pair…

    i’m a g&er

  60. Wow, awesome giveaway.

  61. Nice stuff!!

  62. Sign me up!

  63. That gear is awesome.

  64. YO hit me up with some of that gear. I could sure use it as i am just beginning my mma training as soon as summer starts!

  65. Dang! Such an awesome giveaway!!! Thank you! Crossing fingers and toes that I win! ok….and eyes too! 😛

  66. oh, BTW, I follow on Twitter, I’ve been Tweeting (@lifeonprint) and I’m a fan on FaceBook, suggesting you to friends!

  67. My husband would look great in that gear!!

  68. And I am a facebook fan!!

  69. thanks to sherdog G&E I am so all over this! and a bunch of my buds will be too.

    nogi is the sex.

  70. Look at u with another exciting give away, sorry I didn’t look things over 😉 I was spending my evening watching a great night of fights UFC 106 + Ward v Kessler (boxing) match… 5 hours or soo of excellent fights…. good stuff by FightTrends, super pumped for the growth way to go Cody cheers….


  71. i wanna win!

  72. damn those are fly , a new pair of shorts would be much needed my nogi echoes are still awesome tho!!!

  73. I’m all for following FightTrends on Facebook after hearing about the giveaway at G&E.

  74. i want those shorts!

  75. Read about this on the G&E Forums and had to enter! No-gi makes terrific gear. Glad to enter and Hope to win.

  76. Love NoGi, Love Jiu Jitsu and I love G&E on sherdog for linking this up!!!! Thanks for sharing this with us FightTrends!

  77. Awesome giveaway.

  78. nice shorrts

  79. Awesome contest!
    G&Eer 4 Life!!!

  80. I need some new gear 🙂

  81. I see G&E, I see this. I am happy.

  82. Gotta love sherdog, hooking up the masses with great deals!

  83. always comes through with the goods.

    Most definitely G&E

  84. Dang, I feel filthy for entering another contest again, but what the hell. I might crap in those awesome white shorts ala Timmayyyyyyy Silvia because they rock!

  85. Nice selection.

    I’m a G&E guy over on Sherdog.

  86. I love Nogi!

  87. Diggin the t-shirt!

  88. Nice style of clothes. Shorts look real good and beenie’s look classy.

  89. Cool stuff I wanna win it!

  90. Count me in…..No Gi makes top notch gear…..

  91. NOGI! I WANT!


  92. Sign me up for the contest!

  93. I like it, thanks for supporting the fans!

  94. Following you on twitter, and facebook. I’m a G&E Sherdogger and a UGer. Pro fighter and big fan, gimme some nogi!

  95. Big Ups to NoGi for all they do for the sport. Hooking us all up with Glovers Travels and the NoGi Worlds Stream FOR FREE! ! ! !

    Respect to FightTrends for hooking up the real fans of BJJ/MMA! ! ! ! ! !

  96. Yeah NoGi industries is good for the sport! They definitely give back! Customer for life!

  97. And 100 comments congrats Cody…….. 😛

  98. now this is a badass givaway. hook me up, PLEASE!!!

  99. Hah, nice! Hopefully we can break 125.

  100. […] Thursday until Sunday on their website. If you are one of the unlucky souls who does not win the Nogi Giveaway you will still have Sunday to grab up some awesome gear. Be sure to check out their Nogi Sherpa […]

  101. hook me up please.

  102. Great offer…buying one anyway.

  103. sweet deal, hook me up. Ill fight for you!!!!!!

  104. pick meeeeeee

  105. Sick deal! I’m about to start training without the Gi and am in need of shorts anyways, hope i win 🙂

  106. I want it oh so bad! Please pick me!

  107. i want to win!

  108. In on this. 🙂

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