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Dirty Boxer Logo T-Shirt

Here is the Dirty Boxer Logo T-Shirt, the same logo that you probably saw while watching UFC 106 the other night. Dirty Boxer also makes compression shorts and briefs, which I find hilarious. Dirty Boxer written on your boxers? I dunno, just cracks me up. Anyways, be sure and check them out. If they were on the broadcast last night I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of them in the near future.

PURCHASE: Dirty Boxer Logo T-Shirt

2 thoughts on “Dirty Boxer Logo T-Shirt

  1. Meh. That logo could have had so much potential with an interesting name like Dirty Boxer.

  2. lol yeah. And did I really make this post titled “Drith Boxer” and not “Dirty Boxer”? Man, gonna have to get someone to proofread my stuff I guess.

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