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FightTrends and Six Deuce Giveaway Winners

So after many hours of deliberations, or many minutes of closing my eyes and pointing, we have picked the FIVE lucky winners who get to rock Six Deuce t-shirts around town now.

Drum roll please!

1. m3mma of – Big ups to m3mma for being the first one to retweet the contest and also the first to leave a comment. I think that deserves a t-shirt! – Red Russian Combat Sambo T-Shirt

2. x_tinaz – One of our lucky Twitter winners! – Black Combat Sambo T-Shirt

3. Paul Moran – A Facebook winner – Don’t Tread On Me T-Shirt

4. E-ROC – Comment winner. – Respect Your Elders T-Shirt

5. Stansbury – For being too cool to have a Facebook or a Twitter account. – Gets the Free OMA Tee since he’s a member of the UG.

Ok, there you have it. The winners have until Wednesday the 25th to claim their prize or I will have to give it away to someone else. To claim your prize simply email admin@fighttrends with your Name, Size and Mailing Address.

Are you a sore loser? Well that’s OK because Nogi has given us 5 pairs of Nogi Volt Fight Shorts, 5 Nogi Fade T-Shirts and 5 Nogi Classic Reversible Beanies to give away to FIVE MORE LUCKY WINNERS! Enter the Nogi giveaway contest now!

6 thoughts on “FightTrends and Six Deuce Giveaway Winners

  1. Hell yeah! First to comment on winning too. Rockin. That combat sambo shirt is sweet! Thanks fight trends and six deuce. We’ll rep it with pride.

  2. Glad you like it! Don’t forget to enter the Nogi giveaway too!

  3. congrats to them forsure I’m still gonna get a shirt from 6 duece, good stuff from Cody and Fight Trends, thx

  4. Thanks FightTrends, you rock. Ima rock that OMA T-Shirt way over here in Fussa, Japan. If anyone knows what the hell it means, proof you’re a real UG’er.

  5. Oh yeah, and if you catch me wearing it on-base, first rounds on me.

  6. I think I can guarantee you will be the only rockin a Free OMA Tee in Japan.

    We are still waitin on one winner to get back to us and then the shirts will ship out.

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