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Forrest Griffin UFC 106 Silver Star Walkout T-Shirt

Here is Forrest Griffins UFC 106 Silver Star Walkout T-Shirt that he will wear to the octagon as he takes on Tito Ortiz this Saturday in Las Vegas. Skulls? Check! Roses? Check! Wings? Check! There you have it, Silver Star design 101. I hope Tito and Forrests fight is more exciting than this t-shirt.

PURCHASE: Forrest Griffin UFC 106 Silver Star Walkout T-Shirt

5 thoughts on “Forrest Griffin UFC 106 Silver Star Walkout T-Shirt

  1. The shirt says Silver Star, I thought that was a brand.

  2. Lol, Silver Star is the brand. Guess I shouldnt make posts at midnight after a rough night at Jiu Jitsu.

    Thanks Justin!

  3. thought i’d stumbled onto

    get this silver star crap outta here!!! 😀

    man i hate their tees

  4. Lol, I know Stu. I gotta cover them though, it comes with the territory. I make it up to everyone by offering such sweet giveaways though right?

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