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Inspirits New Logo and Concept Art

Inspirit recently had their logo redesigned by Mike Dytri of Ludwig Clothing. Mike is so awesome he decided to share some of his concept art and designs for the new logo. He has worked on several shirts for Inspirit and has some other fight designs in the works. Mike has promised to keep us in the loop and we are super stoked to see what he comes up with.

Here is what Mike had to say about the process.

I have been working on a new brand ID for Inspirit over the last couple of months and it is finally complete. Working with Sugita was fun and also made it a lot easier since he is a graphic designer himself (he designed the Shooto dragon logo – which is kick ass!) – check the process below.

The exploration process starts with anything and everything that comes to mind.

One of the first “winged” concepts

Revised concept of “wing” mark with capitol “I”

This is the final mark with revised wing structure. This was Sugita’s suggestion, he calls this the “TRIGGER” logo.

Check Rumian Sato wearing the new Inspirit logo tee (post VTJ-09 win) congrats Rumina!

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3 thoughts on “Inspirits New Logo and Concept Art

  1. Mucho gracias~! stay tuned for more in the works! –


  2. now the trigger logo I love in red

    i really hope more comes from inspirit they are awesome

  3. Wicked, was wondering the story behind the new Logo, Nice work. Sure to see some great Gear coming from this.

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