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Bad Boy MMA Hoodies

Bad Boy MMA has decided to help keep you warm this winter with the Bad Boy Walk In Zip Up Hoodie and the Bad Boy Pro Series Pullover Hoodie. Both are 100% cotton and 100% bad ass. My only problem with Bad Boy is I don’t know what people outside of the sport think when they see “Bad Boy” written on my chest. I guess as long as one of the eyes are not winking at them they won’t think I am a sexual weirdo or anything. Luckily they don’t really know me.

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2 thoughts on “Bad Boy MMA Hoodies

  1. I’ve never been a fan of Bad boy products, especially their newest stuff. It all just looks so “off the shelf” with just screen print or embroidery. This seems to be the case with everything they make. Plus the colors are always black or gray. I guess that appeals to most but it’s pretty bland for my taste.

  2. I just don’t know if i want something that says “Bad Boy” all over it, I don’t think people would get it.

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