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Nogi Needs You! Pick The Next Nogi Kingpin Fight Shorts Color Scheme

Since Nogi is so awesome, not only are they going to stream the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Nogi World Championships for free, they have also decided to let their fans pick the latest color scheme for the Nogi Kingpin Fight Shorts. Now I would never try to influence FightTrends readers decisions,(#8), because I feel that wouldn’t be right of me (#8) to do that to you guys (#8). So feel free to pick (#8) any pair you think looks the best (#8). Did I mention you can pick any pair you like? Just leave your pick, or picks, in the comments below and I will pass it along to the good people at Nogi.

7 thoughts on “Nogi Needs You! Pick The Next Nogi Kingpin Fight Shorts Color Scheme

  1. Can I just pick all of them???

  2. Right. They all look pretty sweet. I’m partial to white though so I gotta go with #8.

  3. #5, #6, and #8. But if I only had to pick one, #8 for sure.

  4. Good man. #8 calls to me.

  5. Its a bit late but here’s my 2 cents.

    I like them all but I had to choose I only 3 they would be:

    First place: #2, I like the gray with Red Trim look.
    Second place: #1, I like the red, white, and blue scheme.
    Third Place: # 4, Not too many companies use this color scheme. Creativity is good thing.

  6. Even though I doubt it matters, I feel that 7 and 8 are pretty awesome. There aren’t too many forest green shorts which makes 7 pretty awesome, and outside the box.

  7. i pick the #3

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