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Video: Shoyoroll Gi Batch #6 Video Preview

Here is a video preview of the new Shoyoroll Superlite Ripstock gi. Does the “Do you want to know more?” in the video remind anyone else of Starship Troopers? Eh, maybe its all this cold medicine I am on.

5 thoughts on “Video: Shoyoroll Gi Batch #6 Video Preview

  1. holly crap video preview! nicee

    i cant believe they are making these in limited batches ??? only 300 in each size?? wtf

  2. Hehe cool video!

  3. Yeah, I like the video. The ladys voice throws you off at first tho lol.

  4. […] still pre-order them over at Budovideos. If you want a closer look you can check out a video of the Shoyoroll Superlite White Ripstock Gi and see what it is all […]

  5. want the white mamba A0

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