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New Reversal Logo Obi Belt

So it looks as if Reversal went and pulled a fast one on me. A couple weeks ago I posted about their Reversal Obi Belt, and now this week they go ahead and release their Reversal Logo Obi Belt. Like I really need to be spending $120 on belts? This is probably the dopest belt out their though so it makes it tough not to pony up the cash. The Reversal Logo Obi Belt is produced in limited quantities so snag em up quick. They come in black, purple and blue so I guess all you white and black belts are screwed. It features the Reversal logo along the belt in contrasting colors. Pick it up at Choke Sports for a cool $65.

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1 thought on “New Reversal Logo Obi Belt

  1. These are cool! I wouldn’t wear one but they look cool.

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