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Caol Unos 10AC Nike Air Zoom Vomero +4 AP

Caol Uno and Nike have added another shoe to the 10AC line. Here are the Caol Uno Nike Air Zoom Vomero +4 AP’s. Coming in both Gold and Silver, or brown and grey for you fashionably challenged fighters out there, the Caol Uno Vomeros were made for runnin, although I doubt you are going to see me running in a pair of $170 shoes. The 5 star pattern on the shoes is a tribute to Unos fans, family, friends, gym and coach.

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5 thoughts on “Caol Unos 10AC Nike Air Zoom Vomero +4 AP

  1. Those things are ill

  2. I love these shoes. I really dig the brown. I just dont know if I could handle running in a pair of $170 shoes though. Maybe id just mount them on my wall lol.

  3. Caol Uno gave Akiyama a free pair of the golds!!

  4. Lol. You and Akiyama. You know he got married right? Do we need to put you on suicide watch Stu?

  5. They look nice.

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