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Tri-Coasta Joe Lauzon The Protege and Main Event T-Shirts

Tri-Coasta has done it again with their super detailed designs and crazy soft shirts. Here is the new Tri-Coasta Joe Lauzon “The Protege” T-Shirt and the “Main Event” T-Shit. Tri-Coasta may be a newer brand but they are lightyears ahead of most brands with their designs. And did I mention how soft these shirts are? I did, 3 times? Well, they are soft! Be on the lookout for Tri-Coasta as they have more designs to be released in the comming weeks.

You can pick yours up at MMAWarehouse.

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3 thoughts on “Tri-Coasta Joe Lauzon The Protege and Main Event T-Shirts

  1. Are the shirts soft?

  2. Crap. Did I forget to mention how soft they are?

  3. I think these are the ugliest MMA shirts I’ve ever seen. I don’t know anyone who likes this style but I guess it’s popular. I’m hoping this trend goes away real soon.

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