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Fairtex Curved Thai Pads

Need a new pair of thai pads? Check out the new Fairtex Curved Thai Pads. Equally as sexy as the Hayabusa Thai Pads, these new Mauy Thai pads from Fairtex will leave others at the gym begging for you to be their punching bag. The new curved design was implemented for a tighter fit when holding. They are also softer at the top of the pad for your jabs and other punches. They are 150 grams lighter than the standard Fairtex Thai Pads. I am not sure exactly how heavy 150 grams are but I bet these pads feel nice and light. You can pick your pair up over at MMAWarehouse.

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5 thoughts on “Fairtex Curved Thai Pads

  1. I want these so bad…price is a little steep though – maybe if my UFC 104 picks come through I’ll pick ’em up!

  2. Yeah, between these and the Hayabusa thai pads its a hard choice. Both look awesome.

  3. wow!!! these are really really nice

  4. Yeah they are sick for sure. I love white gear and clothes.

  5. I just purchased these from Fairtex and should have them shortly. I’m stoked to try them out. I chose these over the Hayabusa ones because the Hayabusa’s were “pro size” and just too big.

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