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Evan Tanner – Gone but not Forgotten

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the death of one of my favorite fighters, Evan Tanner. Evan was a free spirit and he lived his life as such. Evan had gone on a camping trip to the desert on his motorcycle and never made it back. Although Evan is gone the memory of him and the things he did have made a huge impact on many and I doubt he will be forgotten anytime soon. Staying true to his giving nature, Tanners family has set up the Team Tanner Foundation and you can buy shits to support this foundation here.

Be sure to head over to and add to the already 2000+ comments peole have left for Evan and his family.

If I can make half the impact of peoples lives that Evan did I can die knowing I contributed something positive in this lifetime. Rest in peace Evan.

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3 thoughts on “Evan Tanner – Gone but not Forgotten

  1. The original tees are available at I bought two and got them yesterday.

  2. You bought 2 at $55 each? Care to loan me some cash? =)

  3. Evan was awesome. Long live the war beard.

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