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Original Grappler ORGNL GRPPLR T-Shirt

Are you a true OG? Me either. But for those of you that are be sure to check out Original Grappler. I have just recently been turned on to Original Grappler but I am really liking their clean design style. The “ORGNL GRPPLR” is probably my favorite but be sure to head over to Original Grappler and check out their other designs. You can also pick them up over at MMA Outlet.

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3 thoughts on “Original Grappler ORGNL GRPPLR T-Shirt

  1. doesn’t Aoki have one of these? ive seen him wear O.G before

  2. I’m not sure. I like their shirts though. Not too flashy, just nice and simple.

  3. Yeah I like this.

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