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Tapout Dan Henderson Sandals

Are your old sandals falling apart on ya? Well here is what ya need, the new Tapout Dan Henderson Sandals. I really like the look of these. I usually wear flip flops but these would be sweet to wear to the gym. Just throw em on and go. They look super heavy duty and come in white, grey and also black. Be sure to check out the rest of Tapouts footwear.

Go pick yours up over at MMAWarehouse.

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4 thoughts on “Tapout Dan Henderson Sandals

  1. white ones look nice

  2. I like the white and the grey. I still got 2 pair of Havaianas to last me this summer though. Have you seen the Venum Havaianas? They are pretty sweet.

  3. yes Ive seen them

    but im happy with the havaianas i picked up in brasil for $10

  4. does anyone know where I can get any of these Hendo sandals from?Mine are just about done,and am having trouble finding some more.

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