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Reversal RVDDW Big Mark Foil Tee

This is one of my favorite shirts I have seen in a while. The Reversal RVDDW Big Mark Foil Tee has a style that I really dig. The classic Reversal Big Mark Tee is sweet but the foil in this design really sets it off. Reversal is always commin up with some crazy stuff so this more laid back design is a nice change of pace. Be sure to check it out over at Choke Sports.

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5 thoughts on “Reversal RVDDW Big Mark Foil Tee

  1. cody i got choke sports fall newsletter and theres some new gear out from choke sports

  2. I saw that. I have a few of their new products up. This shirt, the Flash Gi and also the Porrada T-shirt. Was there anything specific you wanted to see put up?

  3. shame these t-shirts are nearly as expensive Afflcitions 🙁

  4. Yeah they are expensive but I love their gear. I wonder if I would like it as much if it wasnt so expensive lol?

  5. […] you like the Reversal Big Mark T-Shirt then you will love the Reversal Dot Big Mark Long Sleeve Rashguard. Staying true to Reversals style […]

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