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Atama Mundial 9

Here is a look at the new Atama Mundial 9. If you loved the Mundial 7 you will love this as well. I keep hearing great things about this gi so I decided to throw it up for you all to check out. It is at the top of my list along with the Shoyoroll Gi for my next to purchase. There were only slight changes to this new model as you can read about below.

Pick one up over at MMAWarehouse.

In developing a successor to one of our most popular kimonos, the mundial model #7, we took feedback from our customers and determined that the only improvement needed was a facelift. The Mundial Model #9 is the same material and cut as the Mundial Model #7. The only difference is the color scheme of the embroidery. This kimono is made from “Carioca Weave” material, has no seam on the back, and has no “skirt”, it is one piece construction. Additionally, the collar and pants are made from “rip stop” material. This is reinforced material to give greater strength and tear resistance in a lighter material. Includes all embroidery/patches as pictured. Perfect for training or competition. Tapered body and sleeves to leave less for your opponent to grab and cut roomy in the shoulders for mobility.

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3 thoughts on “Atama Mundial 9

  1. I have mine in White! Atama make the best kimonos

  2. I would love to pick one of these up. I think I am holding out for the next run of Shoyorolls though.

  3. They make quality Gi’s. I’m not sure how many Gi’s one man can own, but I haven’t reached that limit yet. At least they all get used. I think I might have to check one of these.

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