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Sprawl Repeller Rashguards

Here are the new Sprawl Repeller Rashguards. They come in both long and short sleeve and are specially designed to keep your fat, hairy and smelly training partners sweat from seeping through your rashgaurd and onto your skin. Sprawl has been super busy this month releasing new products, including the new
Sprawl Fusion Stretch Fight Shorts.

Here is some more info on the Sprawl Rashguards taken from their site:

Rethink Your Rashguard. You hear a lot about moisture wicking shirts, now feel the difference of moisture repelling shirts. While most rash guards are designed to keep your sweat away from your body, they do very little to keep your training partner’s sweat off of you. The SPRAWL Repeller does just that. The Repeller fabric is treated at the fiber level so that it never absorbs moisture making it sweat and blood repellent. This also makes for a very fast drying garment. These properties make the SPRAWL Repeller especially well designed for contact sports such as grappling and wrestling. This Repeller fabric is soft, comfortable and breathable with a little bit of stretch. It has an athletic cut making it not too loose and not too tight. The new SPRAWL repeller is a unique advancement to traditional rashguards. This enhancement makes them the perfect protective garment for grapplers and MMA athletes.

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10 thoughts on “Sprawl Repeller Rashguards

  1. i like sprawl but this is too plain!

    they could design it better……this looks like something you would see at walmart

  2. It is plain, I agree. I think there is a market for plain gear like this, but I would like to see something with a bit more style to it as well.

  3. I believe Sprawl have more creativity in them.

    If they did more deigns and colurs like red/ blue/ white etc etc

    nothing too fancy but nice like the new NOGI rash guards

  4. It would be nice to give it a little something extra. I really like the new Manto long sleeve rashguards. They are pretty loud but I like em.

  5. Yeah, stu, they’re a little plain. However I’d rather have a little plain than something like the Manto Camo-Awfulness or tacky Gothic lettering. A little understatement goes a long way!

  6. Hey now ManilaIce, I like the Manto rashguards lol. The orange digital camo print is a bit crazy though, I like their other two a lot though.

  7. Are these ranked like the Nogi ones? And I agree, a little plain, but sometimes that’s good.

  8. These are not ranked so you can’t use them in IBJJF tournaments. Maybe they will come out with some that are though.

  9. […] can pick these up as well as the new Sprawl Fusion Fight Shorts and the Sprawl Repeller Rash Guards over at […]

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