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Nogi Volt Fight Shorts

Here is another addition to the Nogi line which is set for release in the coming weeks. The Nogi Volt comes in both gray or brown and have a real street wear feel to them. You can go kick someones ass and then head to the beach and not even have to stop and change. The Volts are also IBJJF approved so you have no worries of getting hassled next time you go to compete. You can go preorder yours over at Be sure to check out the Nogi Kingpins while you are at it.

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3 thoughts on “Nogi Volt Fight Shorts

  1. nice!!! budo videos didnt have the pictures for the brown ones

    the grey ones look great

  2. I really like the grey but I think the white Kingpins are my fav.

  3. These are a great pair of shorts, they are baggy but I like them like that. I have the grey but I also like the brown.

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