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Nogi Kingpin Fight Shorts

Nogi is dropping a new line of shorts and rash guards. Here are the Nogi Kingpin shorts. Nogi consistently releases some of my favorite gear and they have not strayed from that with these. The white Kingpins are on par with Sprawls new Fusion shorts and makes it a tough choice for me to decide which ones to swoop up next. These should be available in the comming weeks over at Nogi.

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6 thoughts on “Nogi Kingpin Fight Shorts

  1. […] next time you go to compete. You can go preorder yours over at Be sure to check out the Nogi Kingpins while you are at […]

  2. get those new nogi rash guards for the pan ams on here cody!!

  3. Yeah yeah, im on it. After Jiu-Jitsu today I’ll get em up just to make you happy!

  4. […] pocket in the front and embroidered logos on the hood and the chest. Between this hoodie the new Nogi Kingpin fight shorts and the Nogi Ranked Rashguards I am going to end up looking like a walking Nogi billboard. Luckily […]

  5. […] for free, they have also decided to let their fans pick the latest color scheme for the Nogi Kingpin Fight Shorts. Now I would never try to influence FightTrends readers decisions,(#8), because I feel that […]

  6. […] features a backpack, duffel bag, track suit and a new hat. No new shorts in this release as the Nogi Kingpin Fight Shorts and the Nogi Volt Fight Shorts are still very […]

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