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TapouT Shoes

TapouT has just released their new line of MMA footwear. Looking more like skater shoes than fighter shoes(whatever those look like) you could rock these things anywhere. They have two different shoe designs and the Mateo Leon model comes in both white or black.

Check them out over at MMAWarehouse.

Mateo Leon White


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3 thoughts on “TapouT Shoes

  1. not bad for tapout! it seems a few companies are making that style of shoe for mma brands…i.e throwdown, triumph, and now tapout.

  2. They are not too bad, I like the Throwdown shoes better tho.

  3. […] Are your old sandals falling apart on ya? Well here is what ya need, the new Tapout Dan Henderson Sandals. I really like the look of these. I usauly wear flip flops but these would be sweet to wear to the gym. Just throw em on and go. They look super heavy duty and come in white, grey and also black. Be sure to check out the rest of Tapouts footwear. […]

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