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Vandal Eyewear

Because it is Sunday and my body is too beat up to think straight I will let the guys over at Vandal explain what their glasses are all about.

“Vandal was created by a tight group of friends from the Big Island of Hawaii. The dream has always been to create a Hawaiian brand that commands international attention. The team aspires to prove themselves as well as the world that people from a small place can accomplish big dreams.

Vandal epitomizes the extreme sports industry. With its roots spread throughout the diversity of action sports, the main focus has always been mixed martial arts and they support any individual/athlete who inspires others to live their dreams and not be afraid of the hard work and the long road to success. Mixed martial arts is evidence that anyone can accomplish their dreams if they work hard at it and never give up!”

Check them out over at MMAWarehouse.

BJ Penn





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3 thoughts on “Vandal Eyewear

  1. very nice collection

    i want some white frame sunglasses

  2. Very Nice Glasses. BJ Penn has his own model?I got to get me one of those.

  3. Yeah those are BJs signature shades. They do have a really nice collection and they wont break the bank either.

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