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Reversal RVDDW Flash Double Weave Gi

Whats that you say? You want to be the Elton John of Jiu Jisu? Well, I have just the thing for you. Reversal and Isami have created what it is possibly(most definitely) the most flamboyant gi ever. Since I am at a loss for words, in a good way, I’ll let them do the splainin.

“This model blends Reversal’s innovative design with Isami’s unbeatable quality and attention to detail. This double weave Jiu-Jitsu Gi is made of our premium fabrics Sashiko (top of jacket) and Diamond (bottom of jacket). It feels very soft and light on the body. Jacket and pants have a loose cut to provide freedom of movement, making this Gi extremely confortable to wear.
Reversal’s Flash Double Weave Gi features a number of prints and embroideries on the chest, shoulders, collar and pants. Purple is the first color to be released, but we will also have it in white, black and white/red. Made in Saitama, Japan.”

These are a limited edition so you better hurry over to Choke Sports and pick yours up.

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7 thoughts on “Reversal RVDDW Flash Double Weave Gi

  1. I can see this being popular with the lady folk. I wouldn’t be caught dead rolling in this bad boy.

  2. I am torn on this one. I think it is so unique that it is awesome, but it is so flamboyant I don’t know if I could ever wear it. It catches your eye, that is for sure.

  3. I’m a lady fold and dang, that thing is PURPLE. I guess if your instructor is super cool, you can wear it. Would like to see it in traditional colors.

  4. Yeah, they are also going to release it in White, Black and also White/Red. I’d pick one up in black.

  5. HAHAHAH can’t believe you did it!!!!!! page 1!!!

  6. […] And you thought you were stylin on the mats, didn’t you? Adidas just stepped it up a notch with these Adidas Jiu Jitsu Gis. These are limited edition and only sold in Japan but thanks to Choke Sports international customers have a chance to get their hands on them as well. They are single weave, 100% cotton, based on the Isami gis and they are IBJJF approved. The only gi more stylish than this is Reversals Purple Flash Double Weave Gi. […]

  7. […] a bit warmer than it really is. Reversal always has some crazy stuff on their list, like the Purple Reversal RVDDW Flash Double Weave Gi, so this really shouldn’t come as a shock (unless you look at the price […]

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