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Shoyoroll Rebels Against the Mainstream T-Shirt

Shoyoroll has their new line of tees available for preorder over at Budo Videos and I have to say this is probably my favorite shirt I have seen all summer. The colorful design really pops and you for sure won’t see anyone wearing a shirt like it. I generally don’t like shirts that are so loud but I am really feelin this one. Between this and their Black Star Kimono I have to give Shoyoroll the early lead for best designs of 2009.

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3 thoughts on “Shoyoroll Rebels Against the Mainstream T-Shirt

  1. Great call man! Design is sick and expect SHOYOROLL to be putting out more designs in the near future.. Good Luck to SYR sponsored KenFlo in his match against the Prodigy in UFC 101.

  2. The Shoyoroll gi ALMOST made me break out the credit card. That gi is SO sick! SYR has really stepped up this year.

  3. nice man!! put the new line of sprawls up here too!!

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