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Manto Longsleeve Rashguards

Manto has hit the nail on the head with these new Longsleeve Rash Guards. These guards have some kickass designs and are cut better than older versions. If you are looking for a rash guard that no one else is going to have, these new Manto Rash Guards have got to be the pick for you.

Manto Longsleeve Camo Rash Guard

Manto Longsleeve Meia Baiana Rash Guard

Manto Longsleeve Tokyo Rash Guard

Get yours at NOW!

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3 thoughts on “Manto Longsleeve Rashguards

  1. the last 2 are really great

    well designed

  2. I dunno Stu, I think you might catch me rockin the camo! I am a sucker for crazy camo gear, I dunno why. Maybe Fuji wants to kick me down one of their Desert Camo Gis?

  3. […] made from a solid piece. Head over to Manto USA and pick yours up. Dont forget to check out the new Manto Longsleeve Rashguards while you are at […]

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