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Reversal RVDDW Brutal Machine T-Shirt

Reversal just dropped a new tee they created for Dream and DEEP fighter Riki Fukuda. It sports both the Grabaka and RVVDW logos on it and the shirt comes in white or grey. You better hurry tho, they only have a few in stock and already ran dry of mediums and large. Move quick or you might have to buy another Affliction T-Shirt!

Go pick yours up over at Choke Sports. Don’t forget to look around, they have some of the illest clothing around.

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8 thoughts on “Reversal RVDDW Brutal Machine T-Shirt

  1. wow!! amazing t-shirt

    they have some sick designs shame they are so expensive

    i could only afford one

  2. I could buy damn near everything off of, of course I’d have to come live on your ouch! Those $140 Reversal sweat pants almost caused me to break out the credit card.

  3. That’s just sweet. I love designing shirts.

  4. Let me know when you have some shirts out there m3mma, I would love to throw em up here for ya.

  5. Haven’t done anything of note lately, but next client that gives me some freedom to work I’ll let you know.

  6. Hey guys thanks for the feedback. We are happy to know you appreciate our exclusive Isami-Reversal goods from Japan. By the way, use the discount coupon “bushido” in the shopping cart to trigger special deals. You will get a free mouthpicece, free kneepads or 10% discount depending on how much your order.

  7. Thanks Chokeman. I have some brutal cuts on my knee right now, some free kneepads are just what I need!

  8. Reversal has some of the coolest designs in the gera world today. Definitely one of my favorites

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