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Hayabusa Pro MMA Gloves

Ok, so I know these are not brand new, but have you seen all of the crazy features these gloves have? The “Y-Volar design”, or whatever it is called, helps keep the gloves closer to your hand and more snug. They also have a “dual cross directional closure system” which is second to only the “thing-o-mo-bober” closure system….was that too corny? Dammit. Well anyways these gloves got great reviews from everywhere I have seen so I thought I should throw em up here for you all.
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6 thoughts on “Hayabusa Pro MMA Gloves

  1. The white ones are the nicest looking out there

  2. I just wish their headgear came in white also! I gotta get their white shin guards tho. I have white Fairtex headgear and White Twins 16oz gloves, just gotta pick me up those white Hayabusa shinguards.

  3. Is there any way to tell if a pair of gloves is too big? I decided to pick up a pair of these for my first set of gloves and they feel a bit loose. Not rattling around when I move them loose, but extra material around the sides and wrist loose. The knuckle padding means they feel pretty snug against the back of the hand, though, which is cool, but is there a way to tell if I should drop down a size?

  4. You want your gloves to have a snug fit, not tight, but snug. Wrist support is very important so if they do not feel secure around the wrist I would contact Hayabusa and get their opinion on exchaning them.

  5. Thanks for the quick reply. They are a bit loose around the wrists when I bunch up into a fist. I don’t feel it as much with open palms. Maybe some wraps or inner gloves might help. I would exchange them, but returns here in the UK are a pain to deal with (second party retailer).

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