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Ecko Unltd. Fists of Fury TShirt

Fists of Fury Tee via Ecko Unltd. Am I the only one who NEVER would have thought Ecko would end up in the fight game? Ecko was always big when I was growing up among all of us skater kids. I could never afford it, but I always liked it. Hopefully they are able to make things stick in the MMA world, I have always enjoyed their work.

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2 thoughts on “Ecko Unltd. Fists of Fury TShirt

  1. The Marc Ecko involvement with MMA is kinda strange, but at least from a demographic standpoint it makes perfect sense. I grew up in the snowboard/skateboard culture in Utah and its amazing how many ‘refugees’ from that world are in MMA. MMA’s demographics are starting to trend older but for years its been essentially the same 18-35 year old males that buy skateboards, snowboards, video games, etc. The fact the UFC just hired a guy from Burton as the head of their PR department further underscores this connection.

    There was a rumor for awhile when Elite XC went bankrupt that Ecko was going to buy some of their assets and get into the promotional game. My hunch is that had the economic environment been better he would have pulled the trigger, but really it worked out better with Strikeforce becoming stronger and Ecko not getting into a tough business he knew little about.

  2. I just read an interview in Inc or Entrepreneur about Marc Ecko. He was a graffiti artist who made his own clothes growing up. He ended up hitting it big and was just a really smart business man. He purchased Zoo York and now his sister runs it.

    I had hear he was planning on making a run at Elite XC. Looking at what happened to Affliction I am guessing he is happy he didn’t. Could you imagne, “Marc Ecko presents Kimbo Slice!”

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