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Tapout – UFC 100 Thiago Alves Walk Out T-Shirt

For all of you Thiago Alves fans out there, here is the shirt he will be wearing on his journey to gain UFC gold. Red and silver foil logo, The Grim Reaper, a Pit Bull with a Taput chain, what else would you expect from Thiago “The Pit Bull” Alves?

Gets yours at NOW!

2 thoughts on “Tapout – UFC 100 Thiago Alves Walk Out T-Shirt

  1. […] is the TapouT Pitbull Premium T-Shirt which is the same basic design as the TapouT Thiago Alves UFC 100 Walkout T-Shirt except without Thiago Alves name and the Pitbull tee is in gray. The TapouT logos on the front and […]

  2. honestly cant wait for GSP to shut up Dan Hardy.. Dan Hardy is NO
    competition for GSP … Thiago Alves is a better competitor than Dan Hardy and Alves got his pounded by GSP with a pulled groin. Dan Hardy is a JOKE!!

    In depth preview for UFC 111 with predictions, pictures and of course octagon girls.

    Mir/Carwin Hardy/GSP is the best card we have seen since UFC 100 (the
    last time GSP fought) and Hardy is talking lots of trash.
    GSP is a heavy favourite and by all means should dominate YET again..
    Carwin and Mir is gonna be ridiculous!! Think Carwin will knock him

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