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Reversal RVDDW Giant Fastner Bag III

If you are in need of a large bag to hold all of your gear then look no further than the Reversal RVDDW Giant Fastner Bag III. This bag is not only badass, but it is also waterproof. Check out what Choke Sports has to say about it below.

This cool item represents the evolution of Reversal’s top selling “Giant Fastner 3Way” bag. The amount of creativity and engineering that went into developing the third generation of this bag is just amazing. This time the RVDDW design team received the collaboration from famous Japanese rock band Rudies.

One of the first things worth mentioning is that the new Giant Fastner is now waterproof. There are Reversal and Rudies logomarks printed on the sides and also in small labels stitched on the straps. The bag features an extra large zipper (or fastner) that opens/closes the main compartment. It makes a cool, cracking sound that is certain to attract some interested eyes.

This bag offers plenty of room for you to carry all your stuff to the gym, to a tournament or on a trip. All the stitches, pockets and straps are reinforced. The “Giant Fastner 3Way” is a high quality item made to last for years. Check the pictures for detailed info. Made in Japan.

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