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Reversal Vale Tudo Hoodie

Check out the Reversal Vale Tudo Hoodie. This hoodie pay homage to the old school Brazilian Vale Tudo fights and comes in black, grey or red. It’s clean design only sports “Vale” across the front and “Tudo” on the back, meaning “Anything Goes” in Portuguese.

PURCHASE: Reversal Vale Tudo Hoodie

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Reversal RVDDW Giant Fastner Bag III

If you are in need of a large bag to hold all of your gear then look no further than the Reversal RVDDW Giant Fastner Bag III. This bag is not only badass, but it is also waterproof. Check out what Choke Sports has to say about it below.

This cool item represents the evolution of Reversal’s top selling “Giant Fastner 3Way” bag. The amount of creativity and engineering that went into developing the third generation of this bag is just amazing. This time the RVDDW design team received the collaboration from famous Japanese rock band Rudies.

One of the first things worth mentioning is that the new Giant Fastner is now waterproof. There are Reversal and Rudies logomarks printed on the sides and also in small labels stitched on the straps. The bag features an extra large zipper (or fastner) that opens/closes the main compartment. It makes a cool, cracking sound that is certain to attract some interested eyes.

This bag offers plenty of room for you to carry all your stuff to the gym, to a tournament or on a trip. All the stitches, pockets and straps are reinforced. The “Giant Fastner 3Way” is a high quality item made to last for years. Check the pictures for detailed info. Made in Japan.

PURCHASE: Reversal RVDDW Giant Fastner Bag III

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Reversal RVDDW Camo Mesh Battle Rash Guard

For those of you who still have a little cash to spare be sure to put your eyes on the Reversal Camo Mesh Battle Rash Guard. Aside from the awesome camo design this rash guard also sports the RVDDW logo across the front which is printed in a cool mesh like design. It also rocks the Reversal logos on each shoulder. It is made from lycra and has reinforced stitching.

PURCHASE: Reversal RVDDW Camo Mesh Battle Rash Guard


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Reversal Knit Open Finger Gloves

Because I had to be up at 6:30AM this morning freezin my ass off, I decided to post up these ridiculous Reversal Knit Open Finger Gloves to trick myself into thinking it’s a bit warmer than it really is. Reversal always has some crazy stuff on their list, like the Purple Reversal RVDDW Flash Double Weave Gi, so this really shouldn’t come as a shock (unless you look at the price tag).

PURCHASE: Reversal Knit Open Finger Gloves

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FightTrends Holiday Gift Guide

Well it’s that time of the year, you know, the time where you spend all of your money on yourself because there are so many good deals. Because of that I wanted to give you all some ideas on where to blow your hard earned cash, or student loans. I even put some thought into this guide and made sure to include a few items for everyone, no matter what level your involvement with the sport is.

The Casual Fan
For the casual fan you know we have to go with something TapouT. TapouT is the leader in the MMA apparel industry and was the first man on the scene.  Because o that, we decided to go with the TapouT Parolee T-Shirt. We also threw the Anderson Silva Silver Star Hoodie in the mix since winter is crawling down our throats right now.

PURCHASE: TapouT Parolee T-Shirt
PURCHASE: Anderson Silva Silver Star Hoodie

The Hardcore Fan
For the fan who loves MMA but has to wear something no one else has there was no other choice but RVCA. The RVCA Fedor Emelianenko T-Shirt is for sure one of the most popular shirts to hit the scene lately and any hardcore MMA fan would love to have it. And what kind of fan would you be if you didn’t have the matching RVCA Fedor Emelianenko Hoodie to go along with it?

PURCHASE: RVCA Fedor Emelianenko Strikeforce CBS Walkout T-Shirt
PURCHASE: RVCA Fedor Emelianenko Hoodie

The Jiu Jitsu Fanatic
You know those crazy Jiu Jitsu guys need some gear too. For them we have the Shoyoroll Rebels Against the Mainstream t-shirt and this killer Reversal Logo Obi Belt to top it off. Shoyoroll is a pure BJJ brand and the reversal belt lets you represent your rank when you are off the mats.

PURCHASE: Shoyoroll Rebels Against The Mainstream T-Shirt
PURCHASE: Reversal Logo Obi Belt

The Nogi Grappler
For all you nogi guys out there we have the new Hayabusa Mizuchi Rash Guard as well as some Sprawl Fusion Stretch Series Fight Shorts. These are two of the best and most advanced pieces of gear around and would suit any grappler well.

PURCHASE: Hayabusa Mizuchi Longsleeve Rash Guard
PURCHASE: Sprawl Fusion Stretch Series Fight Shorts

The Striker
What else would we have for all you strikers out there but a full line of Hayabusa? Hayabusa has some of the nicest gear around and here we have the Hayabusa Pro Shin Guards and the Hayabusa Pro 16oz Sparring Gloves. All you need now is a cut man for your sparring partner after you are done working him over in your new gear.

PURCHASE: Hayabusa Pro 16oz Sparring Gloves
PURCHASE: Hayabusa Pro Shin Guards

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Reversal RVDDW Waterproof Mountain Jacket

Those crazy people over at Reversal are always busting out something new and, well, crazy. This time it is a waterproof mountain jacket. I am not quite sure what a mountain jacket is, but I guess this is it. If you are planning on climbing Mount Fuji anytime soon, then you need this jacket. It is 100% waterproof and features two reflective stripes to help keep you safe and visible. It comes in black/camo, blue/orange or black/orange.

PURCHASE: Reversal RVDDW Waterproof Mountain Jacket

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New Reversal Logo Obi Belt

So it looks as if Reversal went and pulled a fast one on me. A couple weeks ago I posted about their Reversal Obi Belt, and now this week they go ahead and release their Reversal Logo Obi Belt. Like I really need to be spending $120 on belts? This is probably the dopest belt out their though so it makes it tough not to pony up the cash. The Reversal Logo Obi Belt is produced in limited quantities so snag em up quick. They come in black, purple and blue so I guess all you white and black belts are screwed. It features the Reversal logo along the belt in contrasting colors. Pick it up at Choke Sports for a cool $65.

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