Jaco Giveaway – 5 Brazil Resurgence Fight Shorts

Because Ryan Loco is a crazy man who loves giving stuff away, Jaco is going to pick 5 lucky FightTrends readers and each will win a pair of the brand new Jaco Brazil Resurgence Fight Shorts that Wanderlei Silva will be rockin at UFC 110 against Michael Bisping.

You can gain up to 3 entries by:

1. Leaving a comment on this post.
2. Becoming a fan of the Jaco Facebook page (suggesting to your friends that they become a fan of the Jaco Facebook page is an added bonus!).
3. Following Jaco on Twitter and ReTweeting “RT @FightTrends http://FightTrends.com RT and Follow @JacoClothing to Win One of FIVE Jaco Brazil Resurgence Fight Shorts! #MMA #UFC”

Winners will be announced Saturday the 6th.

Don’t forget to add FightTrends to Twitter and Facebook while you are at it!

Purchase Jaco products at MMAWarehouse.

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196 thoughts on “Jaco Giveaway – 5 Brazil Resurgence Fight Shorts”

  1. A black one of these would be sick! But anyway I’d rather Wanderlei win this fight then me win these shorts.. War Silva!

  2. It’s not set which color the winners will get. Might be white, might be black. I’ll leave that all up to Jaco.

  3. I cant say enough about Jaco i got their guardian shorts/cup and partner threw a swift kick and landed flush right on the cup!!!! DIDNT EVEN FEEL IT. so i gotta say thank you, just love the products!!

  4. Awesome shorts! Would love to rock a pair of those around Australia to help lift the profile of the sport down here.

  5. These shorts are the most comfortable and light shirts that I have had. I train in them three to five times a week and they have held up great.

  6. Hope I finally win one of these. Sherdog G n E’r, Phenomkidd!

    ReTweeted, on twitter (email name is the same)

    Also a fan on facebook

  7. I have only heard good things of these shorts but I love my Sprawls too much to spend money to switch companies

  8. Hope I’ll get one, saw this on Sherdog G&E forum. I don’t have some dedicated mma shorts and would love to try some Jacos. Pick me :)

  9. Jaco is picking up an amazing stable of fighters. Formula: Gear Designed to Revolutionize the Fastest Growing Sport in the Country + A Balance Of Strong Upcoming & Well Established Fighters Who’s Efforts & Personalities Transcend The Sport = Jaco, A Premiere Sports Clothing Company That Will Stand Above The Rest Through Respect, Strength, Courage, and Tenacity.

  10. i like the white better than the black. you cant see the full effect of the brazillian flag on the black pair

  11. Wouldn’t it be awesome to wear these babies while training in Brazil? I’m saving up right now to go there for a few months!

  12. Free Jaco shorts?? I’ve wanted to try these things out for a minute, now! Team Jaco’s lookin’ stacked, too.

  13. Very nice shorts. I love that a company like Jaco came out that doesn’t use messy loud designs with blood and skulls. They actually make solid looking apparel with some class.

  14. I got my first pair of jaco shorts and a jaco groin protector a few months ago and the shorts are by far better than sprawl, and tapout and I own all three. And as far as the groin protector I don’t know how I got by without it, no mor adjusting every 5 minutes it fits like a glove. Can’t wait till my next pair of jaco shorts.

  15. After Wanderlei’s awesome win over Bisping in UFC110 in my home country, and being a HUGE Wanderlei supporter, I’d feel proud and honoured to wear such an amazing looking fight short from Jaco, worn by such an amazing fighter (Wanderlei) in my upcoming Vic Championship No Gi bouts on March 19-20, 2010.


  16. Jaco is what MMA has been waiting for thank you guys for all ur new gear and apprael keep it coming 2010 is all Jaco year pick me well represent Jaco the way it should new attitude and to train hard in the gym as all of Team Jaco fighters do

  17. Man I love the Resurgence Fight Shorts or anything Jaco for that matter so glad theirs a MMA Brand out their that dosent use all the cliche designs on their clothing

  18. Fight/Lifestyle clothing that doesn’t have skulls or some other gladiator nonsense? Sign me up!

  19. I bought the Jaco cup and compression shorts and my groin couldn’t be happier. I routinely ram my pelvis into walls and suffer no ill effects. Because of my satisfaction with your groin protector I believe that these shorts would be the perfect compliment to my outfit.

  20. Contest over March 6. That’s my B-Day. And since me, Shaq, and Ed McMahon all share a B-Day and they’ve done nothing for me, maybe Ryan Loco will.

  21. i like this shorts very much!
    ive been trying over and over to win some fighting shorts for my 1st mma fight coming up in 9 days!

  22. Sic air! Would love some good new MMA shorts! Hope to pride them in the ring someday!

  23. Wow I loveeeee the shorts, I want to be the first girl to rock them at the gym! I can be the Axe Murderette?!?

  24. My brother would love those shorts, he is the biggest Axe Murderer fan ever. We watch every pay per view together and the cool thing is that my brother and the Axe Murderer have the same birthday July 3rd how cool is that. Finally I would like to say that my brother lost his job 2 weeks ago and winning those shorts for him would really raise his spirits. Thanks for listening to my story. – Alan

  25. The shorts are rockin!!

    I purchased my first jaco shirt a couple of months back..the brandon vera walkout flag shirt

  26. I already entered but forgot to mention I heard of this through sherdog G&E, I know you have a special place in your heart for sherdoggers.

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